Freedom from stress and struggle for a satisfying and happy life

Freedom from stress and struggle for a satisfying and happy life

Freedom from stress and struggle for a satisfying and happy life



Thus, in order to lead a harmonious and harmonious balanced life in the society, one has to step by step with oneself, situation or society and behave accordingly.  There must be a certain kind of change in behavior.  Adaptation is the process of controlling one’s impulses, understanding the situation properly and bringing about changes in behaviour.

Freedom from stress and conflict is essential for a satisfying and happy life.  It is also necessary that the individual needs of the individual are met.  For this the individual has to struggle with himself, with society and ultimately with adjustment.  If it is not done in this way, the individual and the society will suffer and it will not be useful to the individual.  A person who walks in life, doing what he likes, doing things he likes, can adapt quickly to society.

As Umashankar Joshi has said, “Whatever upadhyaya you get, so be it samadhiyoga” is an auspicious sign to adjust or adopt a position.  In the words of renowned psychologist Kusnuswamy, the adjustment result is happiness because it means that emotional conflict and stress are resolved.

“Kuppuswamy This process of adjusting to a situation or circumstance is very social. It is considered a positive adaptation if it does not harm the individual or the society, but when a person fails to reconcile with his needs or difficulties.  Adaptation itself is not good or bad, its consequences make it good or bad.

That is why it is said that a person is not born good or bad, circumstances drive him to do so.  We saw the process of adaptation.  definitions of adaptation.  It has to do with a person’s needs and fulfillment.  If a person’s wants and needs are met, he can adapt instinctively.

The process of adaptation begins with the need and ends with the satisfaction of the need.  A human motivation category.  There are five important needs, which are as follows: [1] the physical need [2] the need for security [3] love [4] the need for prestige [5] the need for self-worth.

Satisfaction comes from meeting these needs and may lead to adjustment or adaptation, with some teachers classifying these needs as follows: [1] physiological need [2] cognitive need [3] social needs.


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