Role-Confused Adolescents’ Behavior Doubts Their Role

 Role-Confused Adolescents’ Behavior Doubts Their Role


Lack of Identity Diffusion: Amidst the conflict of choices, Taruno sometimes feels weak in his commitment to his personal or professional choices, which means he cannot make a choice.  It hasn’t started cheap yet.  Adolescents especially experience this situation in the prevailing society.

Ericsson considers both the achievement of the situation and the lack of recognition as healthy alternatives.  Adolescent identity testing, lifestyle experiments, and reasoning are an important part of establishing a strong identity, but teens who can’t get rid of vague identities or preconceptions have a hard time adopting them.

For example, vaguely identified weeds leave themselves unlucky, or slip behind a crowd.  This raises the possibility of dozens of addictions.  Adolescents with predetermined identities become numb, obsessive, obsessive and aggressive. Traits of swimming with a proper identity don’t go down emotionally as much under some peer pressure about sexuality—role, futuristically planned.

“Challenges the authority of the United Nations. There is a tendency to self-acceptance. The behavior of role-confusing adolescents casts doubt on their sexuality-role. Lack of self-confidence. Excessive hostility to power. Excessive opposition or excessive obedience.

Approaches Give students several models for career choices and other adult roles to help identify adolescents. Examples: Find and present models from literature and history. Date of birth of those less known for their contributions  Create a calendar of speakers that describe why and how they chose the profession, and include all kinds of deeds and doers.

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