He is never a victim of fear, anger, resentment or jealousy

 He is never a victim of fear, anger, resentment or jealousy

 Willpower: A person with mental health has a strong will.  He succeeds in life by overcoming obstacles with his determination.  A mentally healthy person sometimes chooses a crooked path to fulfill his desired duty.  Social Participation: A mentally healthy person fulfills his social responsibilities well.

 This leads to good development of social consciousness.  They have developed qualities like kindness, compassion and dedication.  He is always ready to help the needy people.  Jeevan Darshan: A person with mental well being is a major philosophy of life.  They have their own values ​​and ideals.  He sets specific goals for his life according to his philosophy of life, and to fulfill these goals, he outlines his unique way of life and moves on the path of success.

 Emotional balance: A person with mental well-being is not overwhelmed by a flood of impulses or emotions.  He controls his senses and controls his life in any situation.  He is never a victim of fear, anger, resentment or jealousy and is sympathetic towards others.  It can control impulses.  Job satisfaction: A mentally healthy person gets satisfaction from his work.  He chooses a job or occupation which gives him sufficient job satisfaction.

 Such persons can voluntarily get job satisfaction without anyone’s control.  Creativity: A mentally healthy person is motivated to do creative work.  Such a person likes to go through creative experiences.  Creativity is essential for maintaining mental health.  It can provide human entertainment and knowledge.  He receives a kind of mental satisfaction, as he sees his reflection in his creativity.  Its ‘self’ is expressed.

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