There is a special difference between Kutchi embroidery

 There is a special difference between Kutchi embroidery and Rajasthani embroidery

Folk art: Some types of folk art have been included in dance, drama and music.  Hence, some of the other folk arts will be introduced here.  Attempts have been made here to discuss the need for it in education. Because the meaning of education today is becoming more and more limited, the importance of folk arts in the overall development of the individual must be taken into consideration. In our Bhatigal culture, folk arts have been passed down from generation to generation.  So it also has a kind of intimacy and as a result its use in education will be very effective.  A form of almost all arts in folk arts. 

  The main arts are embroidery, keshgunfan, henna, folk song and folk dance. Embroidery is a centuries-old folklore with a regional imprint.  There is a special difference between Kutchi embroidery and Rajasthani embroidery. In addition, traditional embroidery also has an impact on communities and family heritage.  Keshgunfan is one such traditional art. There are many variations in the Keshgunfan clan of Rajasthan. The Cash Gunfan is adorned with tiny strands, Sagar Chotlo, various types of curved Gunfan and modern step cuts, braids, Ambodos and a variety of accessories. 

This art has been preferred since ancient times. There is a great deal of information about the art of hairdressing in ancient Egyptian women. Cashgunfan includes a variety of items such as cutting, dyeing, making curls, applying wax-like hair shapes, scenting, beads, flowers, braids, colored ribbons, flowers and pins of various shapes. Thus Keshgunfan is a special art, which develops aesthetic vision. 

 This art has developed with many variations in the country and abroad. This art is widely used in weddings and other special occasions. 0 5 Similarly henna is also a traditional folk art.  There are many variations in this art according to the region. Different designs are also given special names. 

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