Torn Art Aptitude Test is a test of a child’s creative and aesthetic powers

 Torn Art Aptitude Test is a test of a child’s creative and aesthetic powers by focusing

Its is very important to understand that in everyday life children are allowed to draw pictures, in which the child expresses his intellect in a completely original way, along with his cultural background.Dennis compares the average scores of this test given to 6-year-olds in 40 different cultures, noting that the type of art adopted in the culture and the effect of the experience are expressed in the pictures.  Thus, the test has been translated into Gujarati by Premilaben Phatke.  Here we focus on acknowledging that children can be evaluated through art, rather than on the basics of the test.  Linear art and aesthetic test art is a kind of adaptability.

Man’s ability to discern beauty and draw beautiful is a special merit.  It can also be measured. Meier spent many years trying to test the graphic ability at Iowa State University, from which he distinguished the following six points of art measurement. Aesthetic Intelligence. Aesthetic Judgment, Creative Imagination Perceptual Facility. 

Manual Skill (Energy and Perseverance) Special tests made in connection with the above can beautifully measure a person’s aesthetic powers.  With this in mind, at Saurashtra University, in 1989, Anil Ambasana created and certified a test similar to the Mayer Kalanirnaya Shakti test.  We encourage good artisans and art-creating children if such art tests. 

Torn Art Aptitude Test is a test of a child’s creative and aesthetic powers by focusing on drama and art in education. He has drawn about 20 friends, drawn intricate designs of triangles and copper squares, as well as a test of his measurements in the lines on the hobios card.  Although the judgment of painting is completely subjective, if it is planned properly, many new tests can be made.  Teachers can use their intellectual talents to identify such special abilities in the child’s picture and art and use them in their own assessment, old souloudt (Musical Aptitude): We have set up very general level tables for measuring music regionally.

  Even the teacher who evaluates it evaluates the child or the artist without paying special attention to this cocoa. As a result, children with musical powers may not always receive justice.  Here is a general introduction to some of the tests intended to take the measurement of musical aptitude very seriously. 

 Although this is merely for the sake of information and finger-pointing, we can take more seriously how art can be evaluated by a test and a person can be evaluated by art, of which the following two tests are known: (Seashore Measures of Musical Talents) The musical aptitude test for measuring the power of music in all cultures of the world is measured in the following context.  

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